Vended Laundry

At EBD we understand the unique challenges of running vended laundry. In fact, Coin is where we got our start back in 1952 when Ed Brown himself, sold his first washers and dryers in Dallas, Texas. Across the years, we have learned what works, and what doesn’t in the vended laundry business, as well as, what you need to be successful. It’s a blend of business and product knowledge, backed by a parts and service department you can count on to respond to your needs at a moments notice.

Not only do we carry equipment from leading manufacturers, but we can help you with everything from designing the right system for your needs to assisting you with a wide range of financing options. Contact us today and we will get busy helping you with demographics, design, layout, or whatever it is that you need to become a vended laundry owner.


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