Commercial laundry equipment is helpful for a diverse array of businesses and organizations, whether it’s laundromats, the hospitality industry, healthcare, or education. In this blog post, the team at Ed Brown Distributors will look at different styles of commercial dryers, how their efficiency impacts you, and some other factors to consider when looking into commercial dryers. 

Located in North Texas, Oklahoma, or Arkansas? If so, the experts at Ed Brown Distributors can help you select the optimal commercial dryer for your needs, along with other commercial laundry machines. Whether you are looking into owning a laundromat, currently own one, or are affiliated with a business or organization that relies on commercial laundry equipment, let us put our experience to work for you.

Understanding the Importance of Efficient Commercial Dryers

Efficiency is more than a buzzword. An energy-efficient commercial dryer will be a major benefit to your business. It will enable you to save money on your utility bills. Over time, these savings can add up. Energy-efficient dryers are better for the environment and can also be a marketing feature for environmentally-conscious customers.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Commercial Dryers

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Commercial laundromat dryers come in a variety of styles and sizes. Here, we’ll break down some of them to help you find the right dryer to fit your needs.

Capacity and Size

You’ll find a variety of commercial dryers on the market with different sizes and capacities. No matter what size dryer you select, you’ll need to ensure it can physically fit into the area you plan to use it in. If the dryer does fit, can it be transported to that area without modifying the building it is housed in?

It is important to have an appropriate dryer capacity for your needs. Certain places, like hospitals and hotels, tend to need bigger dryers than a nail salon. If you have larger objects that need to be dried, such as sheets, you must ensure the dryer can accommodate them. If a dryer is overloaded, it could damage linens. On the other hand, having too large a dryer for your needs is wasteful. 

Ed Brown Distributors offers several sizes of dryers to help you find an excellent fit for your business or organization. Our Continental Gibrau E-Series Dryers are on the smaller side while still offering great durability and efficiency. Some of our LG dryers feature reversible doors to help people make the most out of tight spaces.

Energy Efficiency

Be sure to research the efficiency of the commercial dryers you are looking at. This can significantly affect how expensive it is to operate the dryer. Energy-efficient commercial dryers can save money on operating costs over time. When a dryer utilizes shorter cycles, it will be less expensive. Generally, a gas dryer will be more energy efficient than an electric dryer.

Ed Brown Distributors offers a range of energy-efficient dryers that will help you save money while protecting the environment. Fagor’s Green Flow System© brings back expelled air inside the dryer’s drum, which helps to save energy.

Drying Speed and Technology

When many customers or employees are trying to dry their clothes simultaneously, having a dryer with a quick drying time can help keep the line moving. Gas dryers feature a shorter drying time than electric dryers. 

We proudly offer several energy-efficient commercial dryers with exciting technology that allows for faster drying times. Some of our Fagor dryers feature an IDRY© moisture sensor. This sensor enables the dryer to stop when the sensor no longer detects moisture, saving time and energy. Fagor’s compact dryers generally will take under 45 minutes. 

Assessing Your Laundry Volume

It is important to have a good understanding of the volume of laundry you will be dealing with. That will dictate the size of dryer you need and, if necessary, how many dryers you will need to buy. While having too many dryers will be a waste of money, having too few will lead to bottlenecks during busy times and frustrated customers who may take their business elsewhere.

Budget Considerations

While you must purchase a commercial dryer within your budget, it may not be as simple as it sounds. Some commercial dyers may not be as reliable as others. The cheapest dryer may be more expensive in the long run. In addition to the initial cost, you’ll have to factor in the efficiency of the dryer and maintenance and repair costs over time. You’ll also have to determine if you purchase the equipment outright or lease it.

Types of Commercial Dryers for Laundromats

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Commercial laundromat dryers come in several types and configurations. Here, we’ll look at some common differences between types of dryers.

Stacked vs. Side-by-Side Dryers

In this section, Ed Brown Distributors will examine the advantages and disadvantages of dryers that are stacked or side-by-side. When you work with us, the experts at Ed Brown Distributors are happy to help you find the right arrangement for your situation.

Stacked Dryers

Stacked commercial dryers (one on top of another) are great when space is at a premium—for example, at an apartment or dorm. Commercial stacked dryers come in both one-piece and individual units. You’ll also find both dryer/dryer and washer/dryer configurations. Please keep in mind that these tend to have more weight than a regular dryer, so it is especially important to ensure that the surface the stacked dryer is on can support the weight.

Please note that not every dryer is stackable. This is why it is so important to have any installation done by a trained professional.

Advantages of Stacked Dryers

  • A great way to optimize space – Stacked dryers feature a smaller footprint compared to equipment that is side by side and is great for places where space is at a premium.
  • Some may prefer the elevated position of a stacked unit – Certain people may not want to lean over to load or unload laundry from the dryer.

Disadvantages of Stacked Dryers

  • Some people may have difficulty reaching the top unit – Stacked dryers can present difficulties for shorter people or those in wheelchairs. According to, “Where appliances are stacked, including combination washers-dryers, accessible units typically need to be separate (i.e., side-by-side) to meet reach range and door opening requirements.”
  • Repairs may take longer – Depending on the nature of the repair, a technician may take longer to repair the unit. Please note: laundry equipment repairs should only be carried out by trained professionals.
  • More complex installation – Unless the stacked dryer is one piece, one unit will have to be stacked upon another, making the installation process more complicated and potentially more time-consuming. It demonstrates the importance of relying on professionals to install and maintain your laundry equipment.

Side-by-Side Dryers

Side-by-side dryers are another option for people searching for commercial laundry, whether it is for a laundromat or business/organizational use. This is where two units are placed next to each other. The following are some advantages and disadvantages of side-by-side dryers.

Advantages of Side-by-Side Dryers

  • Side-by-side dryers may be easier to load and unload – Shorter people or those in wheelchairs might prefer the position of side-by-side dryers.
  • Less difficult installation – As side-by-side dryers aren’t stacked atop other units, installation should be easier. However, having side-by-side dryers installed by a professional is still a good idea.

Disadvantages of Side-by-Side Dryers

  • Side-by-side dryers take up more space – Compared with stacked dryers, side-by-side dryers require more horizontal space.  When you are dealing with limited space or have a laundromat that is frequently at capacity, this can be a big deal.
  • Some may find a side-by-side unit harder to use – The higher positioning of a stacked unit may be preferable to some users as opposed to leaning over to access a side-by-side dryer.

Gas vs. Electric Dryers

Gas and electric dryers offer different advantages and disadvantages. It should be noted that both need electricity to run. Here, we’ll compare the two types and discuss their characteristics. 

Gas Dryers

Gas dryers generate heat using either propane or natural gas. This heat is blown at the clothes via an electric fan.

Advantages of Gas Dryers

  • More affordable operating costs – As gas tends to be cheaper than electricity, gas dryers are cheaper to operate than electric dryers
  • Shorter drying times – Unlike electric dryers, a gas dryer reaches its maximum level instantly and is hotter overall. 
  • Better energy efficiency – Gas dryers do not have the energy loss that electric dryers have, making them more energy efficient.

Disadvantages of Gas Dryers 

  • More expensive initially – Gas dryers tend to cost more than electric dryers. 
  • Requires a gas connection – Not only does a gas dryer generally require more work to install, but there is also the risk of a gas leak (demonstrating the need for a carbon monoxide detector), fire, or even an explosion if the dryer is improperly installed or maintained. 

Electric Dryers

Electric dryers utilize heated air to dry objects. These have a heating element, along with a blower that pushes air through a drum.  

Advantages of Electric Dryers

  • Generally cheaper initial cost – An electric dryer tends to cost less than a gas dryer.
  • Simpler installation – With electric dryers, you won’t have the added hassle of dealing with gas lines.

Disadvantages of Electric Dryers

  • Operating costs are more expensive – As electricity tends to cost more than gas, operating an electric dryer will cost more than a gas dryer.
  • Drying laundry takes longer – Electric dryers take longer to dry loads since they heat up slower and do not get as hot as gas dryers.

Commercial Dryer Maintenance and Service Support

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No matter how good your commercial dryer is, it will require regular inspections and maintenance to keep it working efficiently and safely. A commercial dryer breakdown isn’t only inconvenient; it can mean lost earnings, reduced efficiency, and potentially dangerous situations.

At Ed Brown Distributors, we don’t only sell quality commercial dryers and other commercial laundry equipment; we also service and repair them. Our technicians have comprehensive factory training to enable them to work on your equipment.

Customer Reviews

With decades of experience in the commercial laundry industry, we’ve helped many people. Below are several reviews we’ve received from satisfied customers.

“These guys were great. From the sales crew to the team that installs. They are all very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. The service crew always goes above and beyond to make sure things are explained. Highly recommend.”

“Our organization has used the services of Ed Brown since 2015. Recently we had to replace one of our commercial washers. Install was timely and the techs were very kind. Jesse is typically our service tech and he is great at providing customer service.”

Commercial Dryer Services in Dallas, Texas

Ed Brown Distributors is proud to help businesses by providing installation, maintenance, and repair services for commercial dryer equipment. We offer several exceptional brands and can use our years of experience to help you determine the best type of dryer for your business’s needs. If you’re in North Texas, Arkansas, or Oklahoma, we can help you get the most out of your commercial dryers. Contact us to get a free quote!

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