On-Premise Laundry for Dairy Farms

Dairy farms rely on properly cleaned dairy towels to ensure that they keep the work, product, and cows safe by reducing the growth of bacteria and the spread of contaminants. This leads to healthier cows and better overall milk production.

Ed Brown Distributors understands the importance of having reliable clean laundry on dairy farms, which is why we offer the best in on-premise laundry units for the dairy farms of North Texas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.

Here is more information on our on-premise laundry equipment and how it can improve the efficiency and health of your farm:

On-Premise Laundry Equipment Installation for Dairy Farms

Dairy farms face two large laundry expenses – equipment and operating costs. Ed Brown Distributors only offers high-quality commercial washing and dryer machines that are proven to help cut down on energy costs and have better water efficiency. This saves your business money on the operation costs, allowing for the machines to pay for themselves.

Our high-speed washer-extractors help remove excess moisture from the linens, protecting the material and leading to shorter drying times. All of our commercial laundry equipment is built to handle larger loads at a quicker rate, increasing the speed of production. This helps ensure that you have access to clean linens when you need them and cuts down on labor costs by decreasing the amount of time it takes to do the laundry.

What Are the Benefits of On-Premise Laundry Units for Dairy Farms?

No matter the size of your dairy farm, you can expect the following benefits from having your on-premise laundry machines:

  • With extract speed of up to 450Gs, you can expect quicker dryer times and longer-lasting linens.
  • With the ability to do the laundry on sight, you can control which chemicals are used on your dairy towels, ensuring that they are safe for usage around your cows.
  • With smart controls, you can also control the temperature of the water, ensuring that the bacteria and contaminants are properly destroyed.

Ed Brown Distributors offers both installation and design commercial laundry services. We will determine the perfect location for your on-premise laundry unit, even if the installation location is unconventional, such as inside a barn or somewhere without a concrete foundation or bolts.

Improve the Health and Efficiency of Your Dairy Farm with On-Premise Laundry

If you are looking to install high-quality commercial laundry equipment to improve the health and efficiency of your dairy farm, our team can help! We offer the best on-premise washers and dryers from the industry’s most renowned commercial laundry manufacturers. Contact our team today for more information on our commercial laundry services or to schedule an appointment!