Commercial Laundry Equipment for Firehouses

Unlike most industries, dirty laundry isn’t just dirty for a firefighter: it’s dangerous. Contaminated protective gear exposes firefighters to harmful chemicals, biological agents, and particulate matter. Firefighters risk their lives every day to ensure the safety of their community. As a bare minimum, they deserve to have the clean protective gear that is essential to keeping them safe and healthy so they can do that as safely as possible.

The best way to limit a firefighter’s exposure to life-threatening chemicals and biohazards is to ensure that all protective equipment and articles of clothing are properly cleaned and decontaminated. Part of this is ensuring that these industries have access to the highest-quality commercial laundry equipment on the market. Ed Brown Distributors is committed to serving the firefighters of Northern Texas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma by offering reliable On-Premise laundry solutions from the most trusted manufacturers in the industry. Here is more information on our On-Premise laundry solutions for firehouses.

What Type of On-Premise Laundry Equipment Do Firehouses Need?

Firehouses have unique laundry needs due to the nature of the job as well as a need to protect the fire retardant material of the equipment. All Ed Brown On-Premise Laundry Equipment follows the safety guidelines for the washing and drying of protected apparel as set by the NFPA Guidelines. We offer high-powered washers that have programmable water temperatures and levels, extract speeds, and an automatic chemical injection. All of these programmable options ensure that each load is customized to protect the articles of clothing and linens inside of the machine, decrease the risk of removing the fire retardant material of the equipment, and cut down on energy costs.

Ed Brown Distributors offers both hard-mount and soft-mount washers for firehouses. No matter where your new washer is going to be installed, we offer the right resources to ensure that your new equipment is secure. We don’t just stop there; we offer On-Premise laundry room design as well, ensuring that your layout is as efficient as possible. In particular, our designs are focused on increasing the throughput and providing plenty of room for moveability. Contact our team today for more information on this option.

Commercial Gear Dryers for Fire Departments

Firefighter gear requires specialized gear dryers to protect the equipment while allowing it to dry quickly. Ed Brown offers commercial gear dryers that can accommodate gloves, helmets, boots, face masks, and self-contained breathing apparatuses. These dryers work by blowing a large volume of high-pressure air through the garments, allowing for even drying

Need On-Premise Laundry Equipment for Your Firehouse?

We are proud to support the brave firefighters of North Texas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma who work hard to ensure that our communities are protected. Contact our team for more information on our services!