Washer Extractor Installation and Services in North Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas

Many commercial businesses rely on the power of their On-Premise laundries. Washer extractors are high-powered washing machines that thoroughly wash large loads of laundry and remove most of the moisture from articles to reduce dry times. This increases energy efficiency, saves time, and allows for quicker load turn-around. 

Ed Brown Distributors is proud to provide washer extractor installation and repair services to On-Premise laundries of North Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. We work with our clients to ensure that they are getting the perfect equipment for their needs. We also provide maintenance and repair services for all washer extractors, regardless of whether or not you used our team for installation. Here is more information on our washer extractor installation and maintenance services.

What Is a Washer Extractor?

A washer extractor is a washing machine that holds up to 30 times more than a residential top-loading machine. Washer extractors get their name for their aggressive spin-cycle, which is designed to remove excess moisture out of the laundry. This reduces drying times and saves time, labor hours, and money on energy costs.

How Does the Washer Extractor Remove Excess Moisture?

Washer extractors are designed to use high-speed spin cycles to remove the water from the load using centrifugal force. Some washers can spin up to 450Gs.  The drum spins extremely fast and forces the maximum amount of moisture from the articles being laundered.  

Does My Business Need a Washer Extractor?

There are many different types of laundry equipment that a business can invest in, such as a washer extractor or a tunnel washer. The type of machine that would work best for your business changes depending on the laundry needs of your business. A washer extractor is the perfect choice for businesses that process about 200 pounds of laundry per hour. This often includes businesses such as hotels, fire departments, hospitals, and nursing homes. Another benefit of the washer extractor is that they are straightforward to use. They operate much like a residential washing machine would—just a lot more powerful.

Hard Mount and Soft Mount Washer Extractors

There are two different types of washer extractors:  Hard mount and soft mount. Both of these washer extractors are built with energy efficiency in mind, but it is important to know the differences so you can choose the best type for your business.  

hotel washer and dryer

What Is a Hard Mount Washer?

A hard mount washer, also known as a rigid mount, is installed by bolting the washer directly into the floor. Sometimes the machine is bolted to a base and that is then bolted to the floor.  This ensures that it doesn’t shake around when in use. Hard mount washers are generally installed on the first or basement floor levels of buildings as they need a steel or concrete floor to be bolted down properly. Without the proper foundation, hard mount washers can damage the building and the machine itself as there is nothing to absorb the shock of the machine’s vibration.

What Is a Soft Mount Washer?

A soft mount washer is designed with its own shock absorbers and springs to cradle the machine and prevent damage to the floor. They are generally pretty quiet during operation and allow for businesses to install them on higher floors.  

Soft mount washers are typically more expensive than hard mount washers due to their added suspension cost along with safety features, but they do typically have lower installation costs as they are generally easier to install. 

Ed Brown Distributors Can Help You With All Of Your Washer Extractor Needs

From installation to repair services, you can trust the passionate team at Ed Brown Distributors to help you find the perfect washer extractor for your needs. We work hard to ensure that your On-Premise laundry is designed to meet your business’s needs by helping you find the perfect units to optimize time management and reduce energy costs. Contact our team today to schedule your appointment or for more information on our services!

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