Coin Operated and Vended Laundry hold a special place in the hearts of Ed Brown Distributors. It’s where we got our start in the laundry business back in 1965. Today, Ed Brown Distributors works hard to ensure that laundromats have efficient and reliable equipment to create an easy process for customers to get their laundry cleaned. We help plan everything for your business, from assisting with:

  • Site selection
  • Demographics
  • Selection of equipment
  • Design and layout
  • Installation
  • Build-out consultation.

Coin Operated and Vended Laundry Equipment Services in North Texas and Oklahoma

Ed Brown Distributors has been one of the leading distributors and installers of coin-operated laundry equipment in North Texas and Oklahoma since 1965. We work closely with businesses that rely on vended laundry, such as laundromats, college dorms, and apartment complexes. The equipment we sell is of the highest quality, ensuring reliable service and helping to increase the throughput.

Coin Operated Washer and Dryer Offered By Ed Brown Distributors

Ed Brown Distributors offers a wide range of products and will help you choose the best solution for your business needs. Here are some of the options available:

  • Front-Load High-Efficiency Washers: Most of our front-load high-efficiency washers offer a range from 200G to 450G force washing extraction.  This reduces drying times meaning faster throughput. The outcome is an increase in your business, as your customers can get their clothes washed and dried faster. 
  • Top-Load Washers: Our top-load washers can hold up to 27.3 gallons of water per load and features user-friendly controls. It generates up to 710 RPMs, helping to reduce excess moisture and improve drying types. 
  • Stackable Dryers: Stackable dryers help save on space and feature oversized doors for easy loading and unloading. Improved tumble action helps decrease dry times and creates a quieter run cycle.

Coin Operated and Vended Laundry Repair and Maintenance Services

As with all appliances, vended laundries will need service from time to time to ensure that your equipment is working at peak efficiency. Ed Brown Distributors is more than happy to help you with all of your maintenance and repair needs for your vended laundry equipment. Our service team is quick and reliable so that you have minimal downtime.

Need New Commercial Washing Machines or Laundry Equipment Maintenance Services?

Ed Brown Distributors has a team of commercial laundry technicians that is more than happy to help support your business by offering unparalleled vended laundry installation and maintenance services. We only use the highest-quality equipment and materials in the trade, to help support your business. Contact our team today for more information on our services or to schedule an appointment with our sales team!