On-Premise and Vended Laundry Equipment for Athletics & Health Clubs

There are a wide variety of athletic programs across North Texas and Oklahoma that could benefit from having an On-Premise or vended laundry facility. No matter the size of the program, having access to clean laundry can improve the sanitation of the facility, provide better support for athletes, and keep everyone feeling refreshed and focused on the big game. 

Ed Brown Distributors is proud to support the athletics and health clubs in our community, offering high-quality vended and On-Premise laundry solutions. Our team will design the perfect laundry facility for your athletic or health club’s needs. All of our services start with a consultation where we get a better understanding of the specific requirements for your program.

Then, based on your needs, we offer state-of-the-art machines from some of the most well-known and trusted brands on the market, including Continental Girbau and FAGOR. The best part about our services is that you can trust that each machine or laundry facility designed by our staff is designed to promote productivity, energy-efficiency, and protect your linens to help them last longer and come out looking fresh, not faded.

On-Premise Laundry Solutions for Athletics and Health Clubs

Whether it is a recreational athletic program or a gym, having an On-Premise laundry unit can ensure that athletes and individuals have a safe place to do their laundry. This allows them to have clean uniforms, towels, and equipment, and go home in clean clothes.

Ed Brown Distributors has worked closely with athletic programs and health clubs to help them create a laundry facility or install new machines that meet their business’s needs so you can trust they have the experience to give you the facilities that you need.

Commercial Washers and Dryers

With On-Premise laundry, health clubs, gyms, and even athletic programs can offer a better customer experience with fresh clean laundry done on-site. These high-powered machines, such as the E-Series Washer-Extractor from Continental-Girbau, are designed to protect linens, ensuring that they stay looking sharp, clean, and consistent in their color.

Having an On-Premise laundry facility also allows for the quality of the laundry to remain consistent, as opposed to outsourcing your laundry. Instead of worrying about your laundry coming back faded or going missing, you can control every aspect of your laundry. This includes how much and what chemicals are being used, what is being washed together, and the water temperature.

All of our industrial laundry equipment offers eco-friendly solutions, energy efficiency, and high-speed extraction to better protect your laundry from holding excess moisture and reduce drying times. We offer a wide range of commercial dryers that can handle different size loads, ensuring that you get the right piece of equipment for your business’s needs.

Ed Brown Distributors Can Take Your Commercial Laundry to the Next Level

Ed Brown Distributors is dedicated to ensuring that the businesses in North Texas and Oklahoma have the support they need to find success by offering the best in vended, coin-operated, and On-Premise laundry solutions. We use only the best equipment and materials in the trade to support your business. Contact our team today for more information on our services and to schedule an appointment with our sales team!